Yak festival


Yak Festival

Date: 23 July / Location: Ovorkhangai, Batulziit

Date: 18, 19 August / Location: Arkhangai, Tamir

The Yak festival is one of the most important festivals in Mongolia and is held at various places through July and August. Mongolia has second largest yak population after Tibet and they are mostly found in mountain range areas: Altai, Khangai, Khovsgol, Khentii, Kharkhiraa….

Yak has great value in herder’s life. In the past yak and its hybrid used to play necessary role in transporting nowadays more preferred for its high nutritious milk, meat and wool.

Festival aims to attract foreign and domestic tourism by promoting yak culture.

Mongolian Festival invites you to see Yak festival held in Arkhangai province, Ikh Tamir village on 18, 19 August about 470 km from capital city Ulaanbaatar.

The two-day event will include a session about sustainable development of yak farming. Tons of activities focused on yak including yak parade, yak milking competition, rodeos, polo on yak back, yak racing, best bedecked yak, fashion show centred on yak wool clothes, local cultural music and dances.

Highlight of the festival is yak lassoing. Men on horses chase yaks to create chaos while others on the ground lasso yaks. Once lassoed, contestant will ride and train them. Watch how men will try to stay on, while angry, wild yak run wild trying to throw the rider off. 

On the menu of festival are diverse yak dairy products. Yak milk is known for its creamy high nutrient properties. Fresh cream called “Orom” is favoured delicacy of Mongolians. Try distilled vodka from yak milk.

Similar Yak festival is held in Ovorkhangai province, near Bat-Olziit village on 23rd July.

If your travel dates are in July and August and interested in learning more about Yak festival, we will make you a tailor made itinerary including the festival.