Orkhon Valley Horse Festival


Orkhon valley horse festival

Date: August

Location: Khashaat village, Arkhangai province

The Orkhon Valley bears an exceptional testimony of the existence of human beings in Central Asia since ancient times as well as Central Asian and World history. It was demonstrated by the unique properties which were left by successive nomadic empires, in particular by the Mongol Empire established by Genghis Khan and its famous capital city of Karakorum.

The festival aims to safeguard nomadic tradition of horse herding and promoting the talent and capabilities of herders.

As well an effort to pass down the horse culture to future generations and boost tourism.

Horse herders from every corner of Central Mongolia arrive on the fertile grassland of valley. Activities include horse race, horse-lassoing competition, presentation of horse breed, child jockey parade, folklore music, dances and horse photography exhibitions.

It is a sight to remember seeing thousands of horses galloping, locals dressed all in colorful, beautiful national costumes sitting on elegantly equipped horses.