naadam festival

Throat Singers

Naadam Festival

Date: 11, 12 July

Location: Ulaanbaatar

The origin of Naadam festival is closely related to our history and its nomadic lifestyle culture. Mongolians have rich military history especially known for great conquest during our great Chingis Khaan ruling and his successors. The Mongol empire success and unity of legendary Chingis or Genghis Khan’s army was its sophisticated and disciplined structure…

Camel Festival

Camel Race
Nomads at Camel Festival

Camel Festival

Date: March 6, 7

Location: Bulgan village in Omno-Gobi aimag

The thousand camel festival, held in Gobi Desert, is a celebration of the endangered two-humped camel (Bactrian camel) and the role it plays in the lives of Gobi’s nomads…

ice festival

Dog Sledding
Rope Pulling Challenge on Ice

Ice Festival

Date: 2, 3 March

Location: Khatgal village Khovsgol aimag

Celebrate Mongolia’s mighty winter on an ancient frozen lake. The Ice Festival is one of the main attractive winter festivals which offers unique chance to sense and explore the fascinating and mysterious corner of the world during frozen winter and is held on Khovsgol Lake…

lunar festival

Winter Road
Horses in Snow

Tsagaan Sar – Lunar New Year

Date: February

Location: Batulziit village, Ovorkhngai aimag

Winter in Mongolia is remarkable experience for those who is willing to take themselves out of comfort zone. Pack your thermals and come to Mongolia in winter and do something out of ordinary. Enjoy being a part of few people who come and experience Mongolia during this special local festival time…

eagle festival

Goat Skin Competition
Eagle Festival Market

Eagle Festival

Date: First weekend October

Location: Bayan-Olgii aimag

For more than 2000 years, the Kazakhs have procedure and trained the massive Golden eagles to assist both in subsistence hunting and to capture foxes and wolves that threaten their livestock herds. 

mongolian festivals and celebrations

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A festival is the ultimate way to experience a country. The immersion into themongolia 100x100 1 culture, celebrations and community can be a life-changing experience that few outsiders may encounter. mongolia 26821 640Usually crammed into a few short days, these festivals can be a fleeting yet unforgettable experience.

festivals of Mongolia

Mongolian Yak

Yak Festival

The Yak festival is one of the most important festivals and is held..

Reindeer Mongolia

Tsaatan Festival

The Reindeer festival takes place at western shore of Khovsgol Lake...

Horse Lassoing

Steppe Horses Festival

Horses play a large role in the daily and national life of Mongolians...

White-naped crane

Annual Crane Festival

The festival is held in Binder village of Khentii aimag. The event aims...

Winter Festival Mongolia

Winter Festivals of Altai Nolads

The festival is organized to promote winter tourism highlighting culture and custom of Altai population

Map of Festival Locations

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naadam festival
11/12 of July
 2 daysNaadam Festivalread more..

lunar new year
4 daysHorses in Snowmore..

ice festival
23th of march
7 days
Festival Goersmore..

camel festival
firts week of march
8 daysThousand Camel Festivalmore..

eagle festival
firts week of october
10 daysEagle Huntermore..

Annual Crane Festival
June 13Family of white-naped cranemore..

Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival
firts week of marchKazakh Boymore..

Danshig Naadam Religious
firts week of AugustLocal Naadammore..

Hunnu MusicHorse festivalmore..

Spring Eagle Festival
March 3-4Young Huntermore..

Mongolian Gobi Ultra MarathonRunning in Mongolian Desertmore..

National Costume Festival
July 10Mongolian Woman in Traditional Dressmore..

Nauriz Festival
March 21-23Kazakh Girlsmore..

Nomadic CultureRacingmore..

Nomadic Naadam
June, July, August, SeptemberWrestlingmore..

Orkhon Valley HorseGoat Skin Competitionmore..

Play Time Festival
JulyMusic show Mongoliamore..

Sand Festival in Western MongoliaCamel Expeditionmore..

Silver ReedsWinter Festival Mongoliamore..

Sunrise to Sunset Ultramarathon
AugustKhovsgol Lakemore..

Swan Migration
Octoberwhite-naped cranemore..

Ten Thousand Horses
of Steppe festival
Weekend of 3rd week
of NovemberHorse Racemore..

The Ceremony of Gongor Bumba
June 20Religious ceremony Mongoliamore..

Tsaatan Reindeers Festival
July 6-7reindeer herdmore..

UB Marathon 
Mid-MayUB Marathonmore..

Wind of Steppes Moto MusicMongolia Musicmore..

Winter Festival of Altai Nomadic
20-21 FebruaryWinter Clothesmore..

Yak Festival
Mid-May  Yaks Mongoliamore..